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To start your purchase, select from one of the packages displayed below.
S NoPackage NameCredits Amount (INR) Validity (Days)
1Starter Txnal1000330365
2Starter Promo1000370365
3Bronze Txnal50001350365
4Bronze Promo50001700365
5Silver Txnal100002500365
6Silver Promo100003200365
7Gold Txnal250005750365
8Gold Promo250007500365
9Diamond Txnal5000010500365
10Diamond Promo5000014000365
11Platinum Txnal10000020000365
12Platinum Promo10000026000365
13Platinum+ Txnal50000095000365
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Please note that every 160 characters of SMS constitutes 1 SMS Unit. If the number of characters in your message exceeds the 160 limit (e.g.170 characters), it will be counted as 2 SMS Units. To send 1 SMS Unit you need 1 credit

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